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Wednesday - 14/09/2022



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LKV, University of Rostock

Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne

Thursday - 15/09/2022
09:00OpeningProf. Bert BuchholzLKV, University of Rostock
Session 1:
General Framework
Klaus Heim

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. 
09:15Welcome AddressClaudia MüllerFederal Government Co-ordinator
for Maritime Industry & Tourism
09:30The maritime energy transition and the large engine industryDr. Markus MünzVDMA
10:00Power-to-X – Enabler for decarbonization in high power applicationsDr. Daniel ChatterjeeRolls-Royce Solutions GmbHDr. Daniel Chatterjee, Dr. Alexander Buttler, Mathias Müller,
Dr. Cornelius Moll, Benjamin Oszfolk, Dr. Philipp Köser
10:30Coffee Break
Session 2:
Methanol as Marine Fuel
Dr. Daniel Chatterjee

Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH
11:00Methanol as a viable fuel option to drive carbon-neutral shippingProf. Dr. Gunnar StieschMAN Energy Solutions SEPetra Rektorik, Kjeld Aabo, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stiesch
11:30ABC’s DZ Dual Fuel Methanol engineEwout De WildeAnglo Belgian Corporation NV Koen Christianen, Ewout De Wilde, Luc Mattheeuws
12:00Methanol injection systems for large 4-stroke enginesIngmar BergerWoodward L’Orange GmbHIngmar Berger, Dr. Enrico Bärow, Hans-Joachim Koch,
Dr. Michael Willmann
Session 3:
Developement Trends for Injection Equipement
Prof. Gunnar Stiesch

MAN Energy Solutions SE
13:45Powering a greener future: the OMT injector enables high-pressure direct injection
of ammonia and methanol
Dr. Marco CoppoOfficine Meccaniche Torino SpADr. Marco Coppo*, Dr. Nicole Wermuth**
*Officine Meccaniche Torino SpA **LEC GmbH – Large Engines Competence Center
14:15Development and Simulation of “High Pressure Gas-and/or hydrogen DI-Injectors”
for large bore internal combustion engines
Erich Vogt /
Bernd Niethammer
Erich Vogt*, Marco Poletti*, Matthias Güdel*, Bernd Niethammer**,
Christian Mayer**, Christoph Weber**
14:45Injection technologies for alternate fuelsJens-Olaf SteinRobert Bosch AG – Business Unit Large Engines Dr. Christoph Kendlbacher, Dr. Rene Schimon, Kurt Schrattbauer,
Jens Olaf Stein
15:15Coffee Break
Session 4:
GHG-neutral ship operation
Dr. Michael Willmann

Woodward L’Orange GmbH
15:45Development of a GHG-neutral combustion concept exemplified by methanolDr. Martin Theile /
Martin Drescher
FVTR GmbHDr. Martin Theile*, Martin Drescher*, Michael Reska*,
Dr. Felix Dahms**, Erwin Swiderski*
*FVTR GmbH **University of Rostock (Chair of Technical Thermodynamics)
16:15Hydrogen as a fuel – a cruise ship operator perspectiveJens KohlmannCarnival Maritime GmbH
16:45Transition to new marine fuels in shipping – the ship operators viewSebastian EbbingVDR (German Shipowners’ Association)
18:00Boat Tour
19:30Social Evening Event
Friday - 16/09/2022

Prof. Kai Herrmann
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
08:30Exhaust gas aftertreatment for future large engine fuelsDr. Daniel PeitzHug Engineering AG Dr. Daniel Peitz, Dr. Adrian Marberger, Dr. Dominic Gschwend
Session 5:
System Requirements of New Fuels
Prof. Kai Herrmann
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
09:00Ammonia as a Fuel – the role for catalytic componentsDr. Joseph McCarneyJohnson MattheyDr. Maria Brandmair, Dr. Silvia Alcove Clave, Dr. Veselina Georgieva, Dr. Joseph Fedeyko, Dr. Joseph McCarney
09:30Research approaches and methods for future fuels and lubricants in marine applicationsDr. rer. nat. Fanny LangschwagerUniversity of Rostock, LKVDr. rer. nat. Fanny Langschwager*, Dr. rer. nat. Ulrike Schümann*, Karsten Schleef*, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Buchholz*,
Dr.-Ing. Fabian Pinkert**, Martin Drescher**
*University of Rostock (Chair of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines) **FVTR GmbH
10:00Coffee Break
Session 6:
Marine and Stationary Energy Systems
Dr. Marco Coppo

OMT – Officine Meccaniche Torino SpA
10:30Upgrade of lean-burn gas engines to future hydrogen admixture in the natural gas gridDr. Marco SchultzeCaterpillar Energy Solutions GmbHDr. Marco Schultze, Dr. Sebastian Ohler, Dr. Max Magar
11:00Optimization of the HyMethShip system using the simulation platform LEC ENERsimDr. Nicole WermuthLEC GmbH, TU Graz DI Dr. Bernhard Thaler, DI Dr. Michael Wohlthan,
Dr.-Ing. Nicole Wermuth, DI Dr. Gerhard Pirker,
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wimmer
11:30The low-speed two-stroke engine in a hybrid setup:
The engine designer’s approach to system integration
Stefan GoranovWinterthur Gas & Diesel AGStefan Goranov, Dr. Maciej Bendyk, Dr. Markus Wenig,
Wojciech Wroblewski, Amodio Palma
Session 7:
Fundamental Research in Injection Technologies for Alternative Marine Fuels
Prof. Andreas Wimmer

TU Graz
13:15AmmoniaMot – Experimental investigations of an ammonia dual-fuel
combustion process for decarbonization of the maritime sector
Karsten Stenzel /
Harald Arndt
WTZ Roßlau /
Neptun Ship Design
Karsten Stenzel*, Harald Arndt**, Phillip Thorau*, Valentin Scharl***, Prof. Dr. Thomas Sattelmayer***
*WTZ Roßlau **Neptun Ship Design ***TU München
13:45Comparison of pilot fuel ignited premixed ammonia vs. methane dual-fuel combustionSilas WüthrichUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Institute of Thermal and Fluid Engineering (ITFE)Silas Wüthrich, Patrick Albrecht, Patrick Cartier, Prof. Kai Herrmann
14:15Fundamental combustion studies on alternative fuels for low-GHG ships Dr. Satoshi KawauchiNational Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology (National Maritime Research Institute), JapanDr. Satoshi Kawauchi, Prof. Dr. Koji Takasaki
14:45Coffee Break
Session 8:
Wear Detection & Reduction Measures
Dr. Christian Reiser

WTZ Roßlau gGmbH
15:15Combination of physical and virtual sensors for the condition-based monitoring
of large engine sliding bearings
Dr. Horst BrünnetSchaller Automation
Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Dr.-Ing. Horst Brünnet*, Dr. Sc. Panagiotis Kyrtatos**,
Dr. Sc. Christophe Barro**, B. Eng. Michael Flemmer*
*Schaller Automation Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG **Vir2sense GmbH
15:45From severe wear to a lifetime of 32,000 running hours:
Field study on valve spindles in lean-burn gas engines
Jan-Peter EdelmannMärkisches Werk GmbHJan-Peter Edelmann*, Dr. Oliver Lehmann*, Hajime Suzuki**
*Märkisches Werk GmbH **Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger, Ltd.
16:15Closing WordsProf. Bert BuchholzLKV, University of Rostock