Conference Program 2022

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Wednesday - 14/09/2022

15:00 Open Lab Tour

Thursday - 15/09/2022
09:00OpeningProf. Bert BuchholzLKV, University of Rostock
Session 1:
General Framework
Klaus Heim

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. 
09:15Welcome AddressClaudia MüllerBMWK
(Federal Ministry for Econimoc Affairs and Climate Action)
Claudia Müller
09:30The maritime energy transition and the large engine industryPeter Müller-BaumVDMAPeter Müller-Baum
10:00Power-to-X – Enabler for decarbonization in high power applicationsDr. Daniel ChatterjeeRolls-Royce Solutions GmbHDr. Daniel Chatterjee, Dr. Philipp Köser, Mathias Müller, Dr. Alexander Buttler, Pascal Luger
10:30Coffee Break
Session 2:
Methanol as Marine Fuel
Dr. Daniel Chatterjee

Rolls-Royce Solutions GmbH
11:00Methanol as a viable fuel option to drive carbon-neutral shippingProf. Gunnar StieschMAN Energy Solutions SEPetra Rektorik, Kjeld Aabo, Prof. Gunnar Stiesch
11:30ABC’s DZ Dual Fuel Methanol engineKoen ChristianenABCKoen Christianen, Luc Mattheeuws, Ewout De Wilde
12:00Methanol injection systems for large 4-stroke enginesIngmar BergerWoodward L’Orange GmbHIngmar Berger, Dr. Michael Willmann, Dr. Enrico Bärow, Hans-Joachim Koch
Session 3:
Developement Trends for Injection Equipement
Prof. Gunnar Stiesch

MAN Energy Solutions SE
13:45Powering a greener future: the OMT injector enables high-pressure direct injection
of ammonia and methanol
Dr. Marco CoppoOMT – Officine Meccaniche Torino SpADr. Marco Coppo (OMT – Officine Meccaniche Torino SpA), Dr. Nicole Wermuth (LEC GmbH)
14:15Development and Simulation of “High Pressure Gas-and/or hydrogen DI-Injectors”
for large bore internal combustion engines
Erich Vogt /
Bernd Niethammer
Erich Vogt (DUAP AG), Bernd Niethammer, Christian Mayer, Christoph Weber (ITAZ GmbH), Marco Poletti (DUAP AG)
14:45Injection technologies for alternative fuelsDr. Jens-Olaf SteinRobert Bosch AGDr. Jens-Olaf Stein, Kurt Schrattbauer, Martin Bernhaupt, Dr. Rene Schimon, Dr. Christoph Kendlbacher
15:15Coffee Break
Session 4:
GHG-neutral ship operation
Dr. Michael Willmann

Woodward L’Orange GmbH
15:45Development of a GHG-neutral combustion concept exemplified by methanolDr. Fabian PinkertFVTR GmbHDr. Fabian Pinkert, Dr. Felix Dahms, Michael Reska
16:15Hydrogen as a fuel – a cruise ship operator perspectiveMalte ZeretzkeCarnival Maritime GmbHMalte Zeretzke
16:45Transition to new marine fuels in shipping – the ship operators viewSebastian EbbingVDR (German Shipowners’ Association)Sebastian Ebbing
18:00Boat Tour
19:30Social Evening Event
Friday - 16/09/2022

Prof. Kai Herrmann
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
08:30Exhaust gas aftertreatment for future large engine fuelsDr. Daniel PeitzHug EngineeringDr. Daniel Peitz, Dr. Adrian Marberger, Dr. Dominik Gschwend, Simon Schiegg
Session 5:
System Requirements of New Fuels
Prof. Kai Herrmann
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
09:00Ammonia as a Fuel – the role for catalytic componentsDr. Joseph McCarneyJohnson MattheyDr. Joseph McCarney (Johnson Matthey), Dr. Maria Brandmair, Berendjan Sloot (Johnson Matthey Catalyst (Germany) GmbH), Dr. Joseph Fedeyko, Dr. Silvia Alcove Clave (Johnson Matthey)
09:30Research approaches and methods for future fuels and lubricants in marine applicationsDr. Fanny LangschwagerLKV, University of RostockDr. Fanny Langschwager, Dr. Ulrike Schümann, Karsten Schleef (LKV, University of Rostock), Martin Drescher, Dr. Fabian Pinkert (FVTR GmbH)
10:00Coffee Break
Session 6:
Marine and Stationary Energy Systems
Dr. Marco Coppo

OMT – Officine Meccaniche Torino SpA
10:30Upgrade of lean-burn gas engines to future hydrogen admixture in the natural gas gridDr. Sebastian OhlerCaterpillar Energy Solutions GmbHDr. Sebastian Ohler, Dr. Marco Schultze
11:00Optimization of the HyMethShip system using the simulation platform LEC ENERsimDr. Nicole WermuthLEC GmbHDr. Bernhard Thaler, Dr. Gerhard Pirker (LEC GmbH), Prof. Andreas Wimmer (TU Graz), Dr. Nicole Wermuth (LEC GmbH)
11:30The low-speed two-stroke engine in a hybrid setup:
The engine designer’s approach to system integration
Stefan GoranovWinterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. Stefan Goranov, Dr. Maciej Bendyk, Dr. Markus Wenig, Wojciech Wroblewski
Session 7:
Fundamental Research in Injection Technologies for Alternative Marine Fuels
Prof. Andreas Wimmer

TU Graz
13:15AmmoniaMot – Experimental investigations of an ammonia dual-fuel
combustion process for decarbonization of the maritime sector
Karsten Stenzel /
Harald Arndt
WTZ Roßlau /
Neptun Ship Design
Karsten Stenzel, Philip Thorau (WTZ Roßlau), Valentin Scharl, Prof. Thomas Sattelmayer (Technische Universität München), Harald Arndt (Neptun Ship Design)
13:45Comparison of pilot fuel ignited premixed ammonia vs. methane dual-fuel combustionSilas WüthrichUniversity of Applied Sciences and Arts
Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)
Silas Wüthrich, Patrick Albrecht, Patrick Catier, Prof. Kai Herrmann
14:15Fundamental combustion studies on alternative fuels for low-GHG ships Dr. Satoshi KawauchiNational Institute of Maritime,
Port and Aviation Technology (MPAT), Japan
Dr. Satoshi Kawauchi (National Institute of Maritime,
Port and Aviation Technology (MPAT), Japan), Prof. Koji Takasaki (Kyushu University & National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology (MPAT), Japan)
14:45Coffee Break
Session 8:
Wear Detection & Reduction Measures
Dr. Christian Reiser

WTZ Roßlau gGmbH
15:15Combination of physical and virtual sensors for the condition-based monitoring
of large engine sliding bearings
Dr. Horst BrünnetSchaller Automation
Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Horst Brünnet (Schaller Automation Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG), Dr. Panagiotis Kyrtatos, Dr. Christophe Barro (Vir2sense GmbH), Michael Flemmer (Schaller Automation Industrielle Automationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG)
15:45From severe wear to a lifetime of 32,000 running hours:
Field study on valve spindles in lean-burn gas engines
Jan-Peter EdelmannMärkisches Werk GmbHJan-Peter Edelmann, Oliver Lehmann (Märkisches Werk Gmbh), Hajime Suzuki (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.)
16:15Closing WordsProf. Bert BuchholzLKV, University of Rostock