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Conference Programs 2016

Wednesday, 14/9/2016
Get-together at the Radisson hotel bar
Thursday, 15/9/2016
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Harndorf (University of Rostock)
Session 1: General Conditions (Chair: Prof. Stiesch, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)
How legislation and customer needs drive innovation
Prof. Pischinger, Robin Schwab, Prof. Dr. Horst Schulte, Dr. Peter Heuser, Dr. Udo Schlemmer-Kelling (FEV / RWTH Aachen)
Actual status on Particulate Matter and Black Carbon on shipping’s regulatory agenda
Mr. Mundt (DNV-GL)
Coffee Break
Session 2: Concepts & Strategies (Chair: Dr. Schlemmer-Kelling, FEV)
Options for Efficiency and Emission Optimization of 4-Stroke Medium Speed Engines
Dr. Alexander Knafl, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stiesch (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)
New Wärtsilä Generation-X Low-Speed Engines
Alexander Brückl (WinGD)
Robust and fuel flexible Tier III solutions for two-stroke marine engines
Dr. Hanne H. Poulsen, Gekas Ioannis (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)
Session 3: Injection (Chair: Prof. Pischinger, FEV/RWTH-Aachen)
Latest Development Steps and Service Experience with OMT's Common Rail Injector Family
Klaus Heim, Dr. Marco Coppo (OMT S.p.A.)
Performance of 2200 bar LE CR injector for the fulfillment of EPA Tier 4 and Euro 5 emissions which complies also with DF requirements.
Dr. Christoph Kendlbacher, Armin Hofstädter, Heinrich Werger, Markus Korn, Helmut Gießauf (Robert Bosch Diesel Systems)
Simplified L'Orange fuel injection system for DUAL Fuel applications
Dominik Hagen, Clemens Senghaas, Dr. Michael Willmann, Hans-Joachim Koch (L’Orange GmbH)
Coffee Break
Session 4: Turbocharging & Waste Heat Recovery (Chair: Mr. Gern, WTZ Roßlau)
Turbocharging Solutions for Future Large Engines: More than Just Turbochargers
Dr. German Weisser, Christoph Mathey, Raphael Ryser, Dr. Ennio Codan (ABB Turbo Systems Ltd.)
Waste heat recovery solution for marine applications
Dr. Michael Sturm, Andreas Banck, Carsten Rickert (Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG)
Social Evening
Boat Ride to the Evening Event in Warnemünde
Friday, 16/9/2016
Session 5: Basic Research (Chair: Prof. Buchholz, FVTR)
Combustion strategies to fulfill future off-highway emission legislation of the displacement category of 2.5 l/Cyl.
Matthias Fenner, Dr. Christian Barba (Robert Bosch GmbH)
Methods to Reduce Test Bed Work for Large Engine Combustion Development
Gert Taucher, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wimmer, Dr. Michael Engelmayer, Jan Vystejn (LEC)
Application of momentum theory to combustion study of fuel spray and gas jet
Prof. Dr. Koji Takasaki, Dr. Tsuru Daisuke (Kyushu University), Dr. Tatsuo Takaishi (Oshima Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.), Junichi Hirata (ClassNK)
Coffee Break
Session 6: Gas Engines (Chair: Prof. Wimmer, LEC/TU-Graz)
Dual Fuel Engines - Customer Value based on Flexibility, Challenge for Engine Developers due to Complexity
Dr. Frank Starke (Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG)
Advances on non-natural gas applications - GE gas engine power on hydrogen and carbon-monoxide rich gases
Stefan Prankl, Dr. Christian Trapp, Dr. Robert Böwing, Alexander Zuschnig, Stefan Schiestl (GE Jenbacher), Eduard Schneßl, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wimmer (LEC / TU-Graz)
Experimental and numerical investigation of the Dual-Fuel combustion process in medium speed engines
Dr. Christian Fink, Björn Henke, Karsten Schleef, Sascha Andree, Dr. Jöran Ritzke, Prof. Dr. Horst Harndorf, Prof. Dr, Egon Hassel (University of Rostock)
Session 7: Exhaust Gas After-Treatment (Chair: Dr. Starke, Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG)
Use of diesel particulate filter technology in the field of large engines
Lukas Cavegn (Hug Engineering AG)
Retrofit of a high pressure SCR at a stationary two stroke large engine
Dr. Claas Günther, Ralf Jürgens, Dr. Wolfgang Schüttenhelm, Philip Reynolds, Karlheinz Huber (ERC Technik GmbH)
Analysis of particulate emissions of a medium speed diesel engine as basis for successful DPF operation
Prof. Dr. Bert Buchholz, Marko Püschel (FVTR GmbH), Dr. Tim Peppel (LIKAT)
Coffee Break
Session 8: Basic Research (Chair: Prof. Wehner, HS-Wismar, Seafaring Department)
Application of large-sized RCEM to a study on combustion in dual fuel gas engine operation
Dr. Daisuke Tsuru, Shota Kigunaga, Tomohiro Koga, Prof. Dr. Koji Takasaki (Kyushu University), Dr. Gerhard Pirker, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wimmer (LEC / TU-Graz)
Concept for Prediction of Fuel Consumption and Emissions in Ship Manoeuvres by means of Fast-Time Simulation
Michèle Schaub (HS-Wismar/Universität Rostock), Prof. Dr. Knud Benedict (HS-Wismar), Prof. Dr. Bert Buchholz (FVTR), Prof. Dr. Egon Hassel (University of Rostock)
Final Remarks and Farewell
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Harndorf (University of Rostock)

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