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Conference Programs 2014

The abstracts of the presentations can be found here.


The complete conference proceedings are available here.


Wednesday, 17.09.2014

18:00 Presentation of the new Dual-Fuel 1-Cylinder Research Engine at the University of Rostock


Thursday, 18.09.2012

8:00 - 9:00 Registration  

9:00 Opening, Prof. Horst Harndorf (Uni-Rostock)


Section 1: General Conditions (Chair: Prof. Stiesch, MAN Diesel & Turbo)

9:15 Clean Large Engines for the Future – Challenges for Research & Development, Prof. Buchholz (FVTR GmbH)

9:45 Well-to-Wake analysis of GHG emission by using LNG as a marine fuel, Dr. Mundt (DNV & GL)

10:15 Coffee Break


Section 2: Concepts & Strategies (Chair: Prof. Wachtmeister, TU-München)

10:45 PCCI on a medium-speed diesel engine- simulation, engine tests and limitations, Dr. Unfug, Mr. Krause (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)

11:15 Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Dual-Fuel Engines - Technology responding to changing market needs, Mr. Ott (Wärtsilä Schweiz AG)

11:45 Future Exhaust Gas Concepts and its Requirements for Large Medium Speed Engines, Dr. Dreves (Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG)

12:15 Lunch


Section 3: General Conditions (Chair: Prof. Wirtz, TU-Hamburg-Harburg)

13:30 Antrieb für Innovationen. Förderprogramme des BMWi für Schiffbau und Meerestechnik, Mr. Beckmeyer (Parlamentarischer Staatssekretär beim Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Energie; Maritimer Koordinator der Bundesregierung)

14:00 Cost / Benefit Analysis of IMO III Solutions, Dr. Schlemmer-Kelling (FEV GmbH)

14:30 Coffee Break


Section 4: Gas Engines & Technologies (Chair: Mr. Gern, WTZ Roßlau)

15:00 Utilization of Blast Furnace Gas in a large Bore Engine with a Control Concept optimized for Auxiliary Fuel Gas, Hr. Zauner (GE Jenbacher)

15:30 Dual-Fuel for maritime application, Mr. Hess (Heinzmann GmbH & CO.KG)

16:00 The M46DF: New Control Concepts for the Operation of a Dual Fuel Engine, Mr. Sixel (Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG)

18:00 Boat Ride to the Evening Event to Warnemünde


Friday, 19.09.2012

Keynote Presentation (Chair: Prof. Wimmer, TU Graz)

8:30 Aerosol emissions from a ship engine using heavy fuel oil or diesel fuel: Aerosol composition and biological effects on human lung cells, Prof. Zimmermann (Universität Rostock / Helmholtz Zentrum)


Section 5: Motor Development (Chair: Prof. Wimmer, TU Graz)

9:00 Optimization of Dual-Fuel Large-Bore Engines for various Applications, Dr. Mohr (AVL)

9:30 The role of the single-cylinder engine in the development process at MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, Mr. Wustl (MTU)

10:00 Coffee Break


Section 6: Injection & Fuel-Mixture Formation (Chair: Prof. Tschöke, Uni-Magdeburg)

10:30 L’Orange common-rail ‘injector family’ for Wärtsilä large two-stroke engines, Mr. Kaiser (L'Orange)

11:00 The modular 2200bar Common Rail System for high- and medium speed Diesel engines, Dr. Kendlbacher (Bosch)

11:30 Common Rail Injection for 2-Stroke Marine Engines – Heading for IMO Tier 3, Mr. Heim (O.M.T.)

12:00 Lunch


Section 7: Basic Research (Chair: Prof. Eilts (TU-Braunschweig)

13:15Optical Investigations with Injection Pressures Higher than 2500bar to Better Understand Soot Formation and Oxidation, Mr. Taucher (TU-Graz)

13:45 Improvement in combustion of high aromatic marine fuel, Prof. Takasaki (Kyushu University)

14:15 Theoretical Investigation of SO3 Formation and Sulfuric Acid Condensation in a Large Two-Stroke Marine Diesel Engin, Dr. Cords (TU-Kopenhagen)

14:45 Coffee Break


Section 8: Basic Research (Chair: Prof. Wehner (FH Wismar)

15:15 The circulation engine - concept and experimental tests for the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygene in a piston engine, Mr. Tietze (WTZ Rosslau)

15:45 Fuel Injection Strategies to Control Combustion Process in Modern Large Engines, Dr. Rabe (Univesität Rostock)

16:15 Final Remarks and Farewell, Prof. Harndorf (Universität Rostock)

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