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Conference Programs 2012

The complete conference proceedings are available here.

Monday, 17th. September 2012
8:00 - 9:00 Registration
9:00 AM Welcome, Prof. Horst Harndorf (Uni-Rostock)
Session 1: Bondary Conditions and Development Trends for Large Engines (Head: Prof. Rulfs, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg)
9:15 AM  Major driver on the development of large diesel engines: Exhaust emission legislation; Hans‐Joachim Götze (Germanischer Lloyd SE)
9:45 AM  Future Emission and Efficiency Concepts for MAN Medium Speed Engines; Gunnar Stiesch, Stefan Schlüter (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)
10:15  Coffee break
Session 2: Bondary Conditions and Development Trends for Large Engines (Head: Prof. Stiesch, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)
10:45 AM  The development of the M32 engine family - a story of success; Carsten Rickert, Klaus Wirth (Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG), Udo Schlemmer‐Kelling
11:15 AM  IMO Tier III ‐ Development of solutions for the Wärtsilä 2-stroke engines; German Weisser, Christer Hattar (Wärtsilä Schwitzerland AG)
11:45 AM  Status of Tier III development from a large two‐stroke engine designer; Michael Finch Pedersen, Henrik Christensen, Johan Kaltoft (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)
12:15 AM  Lunch
Session 3: Fuel Injection (Head: Prof. Tschöke, University of Magdeburg)
01:30 PM  Modern development tools for large bore engine fuel injection systems; Hartmut Schneider, Michael Willmann, Clemens Senghaas (L'Orange GmbH)
02:00 PM  The injection rate as a key factor for the accurate simulation of combustion and emission formation in large diesel engines; Andreas Wimmer, Michael Engelmayer, Gerhard Pirker, Franz Chmela, Gernot Hirschl (LEC/Technical Univerity of Graz)
02:30 PM  Potential of pressure wave induced injection rate shaping on emission reduction for medium speed ship diesel engines; Christian Fink, Rom Rabe, Martin Drescher, Horst Harndorf (University of Rostock) 
03:00 PM  Coffee break
Session 4: Exhaust Gas Treatment (Head: Hr. Gern, WTZ Roßlau)
03:30 PM  Certification of exhaust gas cleaning systems for maritime applications; Fabian Kock (Germanischer Lloyd SE)
04:00 PM  DeSOx + DeNOx - Experiences with DryEGCS process with downstream installed SCR after HFO-fuelled vessel engines; Ralf Jürgens (Couple Systems GmbH), Rörd Braren (Reederei Braren)
04:30 PM  Today's and tomorrow's SCR solutions; Jacques Smolenaars, Martin Ziesmann, Maria Brandmair (Johnson Matthey Catalysts GmbH)
06:00 PM Transfer to the evening event in Teepott Warnemünde by boat
Tuesday, 18th. September 2012
Availability of Fossil Energy Resources (Head: Prof. Eilts, Technical University of Braunschweig)
08:30 AM  Geological availability of fossil energy resources; Jürgen Meßner, Harald Andruleit, Hansgeorg Babies, Michael Schauer, Sandro Schmidt (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources)
Session 5: Turbocharging (head: Prof. Eilts, Technicla University of Braunschweig)
09:00 AM  Performance improvement of a medium speed diesel engine based on two stage turbocharging; Klaus Heinrich, Simone Bernasconi (ABB Turbo Systems Ltd.)
09:30 Am  Design of the 2-stage charging system for a medium speed diesel engine and comparison with measured data; Julia Herth, Peter Holand, Alexander Knafl, Gunnar Stiesch (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE)
10:00 AM  Coffee break
Session 6:  Fundamental Research (Head: Prof. Wimmer, Technical University of  Graz)
10:30 AM  Utilization of an optical two-stroke test engine for large engine development; Koji Takasaki (University of Kyushu)
11:00 AM  Rapid Compression Expansion Machine with relevant dimensions for large engine research; Dino Imhof (University of Kyushu)
11:30 AM  EGR-cooling - A challange to fulfill future emission regulations for medium speed engines; Robert Bank, Bert Buchholz (FVTR GmbH), Horst Harndorf, Rom Rabe, Uwe Etzien (University of Rostock)
12:00 Am  Lunch
Session 7: Engine Development (Head: Prof. Wehner, University of Applied Sciences Wismar)
01:15 PM  Interdisciplinary cooperation as challange for the development of new large engine generations; Karl‐Heinz Fölzer, Thomas Cartus, Rene Kögl, Robert Pöschl (AVL List GmbH)
01:45 PM  The FEV single cylinder engine - a tool for the development of large bore engines; Thomas Hamm, Erwin Reichert, Thomas Koch, Vinod Karthik Rajamani (FEV GmbH)
02:15 PM  Analysis of the conversion characteristics of SCR catalysts under operating conditions of IMO Tier III compliant large diesel engines; Michael Sturm, Carsten Rickert (Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG), Dietmar Krauß (GEA Luftkühler GmbH), Martin Reißig, Martin Drescher (FVTR GmbH)
02:45 PM  Multiple injection strategies for reducing soot emissions of large engines at EGR operation; Marko Püschel (FVTR GmbH), Claude‐Pascal Stöber‐Schmidt (Technical University of Braunschweig)
03:15 PM  Closing Remarks, Horst Harndorf (University of Rostock)

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