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4th. Rostock Large Engine Symposium on 15./16.09.2016

Perspectives of Large Engines in the Context of Emissions, Fuels and Costs


Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Harndorf

University of Rostock
Chair of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines


Dr.-Ing. C. Fink and Dipl.-Ing. T. Sadlowski

University of Rostock
Chair of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines

Date:  15. and 16. September 2016

Veue: Radisson Blu Hotel Rostock, Lange Straße 40, 18055 Rostock


More stringent emission legislation and an increasing public interest for environmentally friendly propulsion concepts are dominating the research and development activities of engine manufacturers and suppliers. With the introduction of IMO TIER III emission limits for marine diesel engines must be drastically reduced. At the same time, substential regulations on the fuel sector are to be respected. To meet these challanges new technological concepts and control strategies are required.
The conference focusses on recent research and development results to comply with future emission limits as well as the discussion of current and prospective boundary conditions. In this context, researchers and engineers from engine manufacturers and suppliers as well as representatives from shipping companies, ship building industry, power plant operators and legislation are addressed by the symposium.
Against this background the 4th Rostock Large Engine Symposium constitutes a forum for a professional dialog between legislation, researchers, developers and operators of large engines.


  • Prospective boundary conditions for large engines
  • Technological concepts
  • Components and systems
  • Fundamental research


  • Engine and component developers
  • Technological concepts
  • Researchers from universities and institutes
  • Oil industry

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